Our sandals are hancrafted in Chania, Crete. Since it’s a family business, you can choose the color as well as the leather of your preference.


Agape sandals are high quality leather sandals combining comfort with style. Their design is inspired by term referring to unconditional love. The sandals are 100% handcrafted in our family business with “meraki”* in the island of Crete – Greece, from durable leather, tanned without the use of chemicals.

Product Details

Upper Material: Leather
Sole Material: Rubber
Heel Height: 1.5 cm
Linining & Inner Sole: Leather
Available leather styles: Nubuck, Natural, Metal, Stamped

How to find the correct footwear size

​​​​​​​1. Stand on a piece of paper and mark the distance from your longest toe to the heel end.

2. Measure the distance between these two marks to find out your foot length.

3. Repeat the same procedure also for the other foot (right and left foot are hardly ever the same in lenght. Please, always consider the longest one).

4. Don’t forget to save some additional room on the toe area.

Greek Mythology

Agape means godly love. She is a beautiful goddess who has lived for so many years but does not age a day. Agape was born and raised in Cythera. The same place where her life time rival was born and raised at. She believes in true love, and loyalty. She has never fallen in love because she is too busy making other people happy and making them find their love. She is very kind, and has no sisters but has two loving brothers named, Eros and Damon. None of her family is a god or goddess. She had became a goddess when she had made Zeus and Hera fall in love. Then Zeus decided to make her the goddess of love because of what she had done. Agape has one rival, he’s name is Lisandro (also known as Lencho). He is the God of destroying love. Although they are rivals she still respects him even though he does not deserve it. She has a best friend named Sofia who has been her friend since before she was a goddess. Nobody liked her back then, now everyone does.


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