Our sandals are hancrafted in Chania, Crete. Since it’s a family business, you can choose the color as well as the leather of your preference.


Pessoi sandals are high quality leather sandals combining comfort with style. Their design is inspired by the ancient greek game: Πεσσεία (dice). The sandals are 100% handcrafted in our family business with “meraki”* in the island of Crete – Greece, from durable leather, tanned without the use of chemicals.

Product Details

Upper Material: Leather
Sole Material: Rubber
Heel Height: 1.5 cm
Linining & Inner Sole: Leather
Available leather styles: Nubuck, Natural, Metal, Stamped

How to find the correct footwear size

​​​​​​​1. Stand on a piece of paper and mark the distance from your longest toe to the heel end.

2. Measure the distance between these two marks to find out your foot length.

3. Repeat the same procedure also for the other foot (right and left foot are hardly ever the same in lenght. Please, always consider the longest one).

4. Don’t forget to save some additional room on the toe area.

Greek Mythology

The Greek referred to the dice as the “pessoi”, and as today’s dice, they were cubes with marked sides, numbered from 1 to six. Dice, along with knuckle-bones, were used as part of board games and games of chance. As games of chance they were played especially by men.

These are the toys and games that we found the most interesting. Naturally there are others, no less fascinating, that resist time and technological advances and continue to fill children with joy thousands of years later.



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